Las tendencias de diseño de interiores para 2023

Interior design trends for 2023

2023 is an incredible year to renovate the interior of your home, and Maussa is here to help.

Overall, it appears the owners are ready to invest. This year, interior designers are choosing warm tones, unique textures, and natural materials to create beautiful spaces.

Interior design trends for 2023

The use of natural materials and textures is on trend. From rustic wooden beams to stone walls, designers are embracing organic raw materials and finishes. Additionally, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more sustainable by incorporating eco-friendly features, such as recycled materials or energy-efficient fixtures. Bold colors will also be a major trend in interior design in 2023.
Texture is another trend. We highlight textiles such as velvet, faux fur and woven rugs.
Finally, metallics are on the rise. From brass finishes to metallic wallpaper, these materials can add an elegant touch to any room.
Interior design trends for 2023

Natural materials are a major trend, we are seeing pine, bamboo and other organic materials being used to create beautiful spaces. Natural materials provide an air of warmth while reflecting the trend towards sustainability.

Aluminum frames come in a wide range of finishes so you can perfectly match wood or stone accents.

The interior design trends for 2023The interior design trends for 2023

Color palettes are all the rage this year, and experimenting with color is becoming increasingly popular. Bright colors such as yellows, blues and greens will take over the spaces. These shades can help create a feeling of vitality and energy in any space.

With interior design trends, there is nothing more elegant than entertaining guests at home. Open concept designs and built-in features are becoming increasingly popular in interior spaces this year. From bar carts to entertainment centers, interior designers are using these items to add a bit of style and comfort to interior kitchens and living rooms.

Find your interior design trends with Maussa.

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