Product Maintenance

General maintenance recommendations for indoor furniture

Wood and veneers

Be careful with sunlight: Wood and veneers are sensitive to sunlight. It is advisable not to place any objects on your furniture during the first 6-8 weeks that it is exposed to our beautiful star, this is to avoid any marks if the color should lighten.

Maintenance: A cloth soaked in water, well wrung out, will do. Dry surfaces well after use. Any liquid can damage wood and veneers. If you spill something on your surfaces, be sure to clean it up quickly. If you want to remove a stain, rub it gently with a cloth and some warm soapy water.


Be careful with the sun and heat: The color of the leather may be damaged if exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure to place it in a non-exposed area. The radiator can be just as aggressive, so it's best to avoid placing leather furniture too close to it.

Care: Use a soft, dry cloth for regular maintenance. If necessary, use a soft cloth moistened with soapy water. To help the leather maintain its appearance, we recommend using a leather cleaner from time to time.


Be careful with wear: Turn the seat cushions regularly so that they retain their original appearance for as long as possible. If the cushions are filled with foam, feathers or synthetic fibers, they must be shaken as much as possible to keep them in good condition.

Maintenance: You can vacuum at minimum power, taking care to use a very soft brush. In case of stains, use a soft cloth soaked in water. There are several dry cleaners on the market, but be sure to test them on an inconspicuous area first.


Make sure the legs of your chair or sofa are securely supported. Avoid dragging them to protect the base, but also to save its soil.